Just Begin

A chapter in my life is closing.  But when a chapter closes, it only means there is another one opening.

Change is inevitable and I am one of the few that actually likes it.  The way I see it, our lives are continually changing.  We are continually growing and evolving into who we are at this very moment.  I like to embrace change and keep on moving.  However, that doesn’t mean it can’t bittersweet at times.

“Claire, what’s the bitter and what’s the sweet?”


  1. Leaving the city (Bowling Green) I’ve lived in my entire life
  2. Leaving my friends and Daddio
  3. Leaving my church I’ve been attending and serving at for 7-8 years
  4. My rent is $$$$ in Nashville (that means expensive)
  5. I have some school debt


  2. Moving to Nashville
  3. I get to start my life in a new city, around all new people
  4. I can’t wait to explore churches in Nashville (because I’ve heard of many good, solid ones)
  5. I’m excited to be able to read good books and have time to truly relax
  6. I can finally study the Bible without feeling pulled to study something else
  7. I L O V E the apartment I chose and so ready to make it my home
  8. I get to begin my career at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital
  9. I can dive into my hobbies and extracurricular activities
  10. Being able to blog on a regular basis and share life with you
  11. I will be able to pay bills, pay off debt, and live life comfortably instead of as a broke college kid

All of the sweet is just the beginning.  I could keep adding more and I know there is more to come that I can’t even fathom.  I just want to take some time to encourage anyone who is in a season of change.  Maybe you’ve been in this season for a while or maybe it’s just now approaching.

There are going to be moments when you’re overwhelmed.  But my best advice is to embrace it and make it yours.  Whether that be debt, stress, anxiety, worry, more bitter than sweet…  YOU OWN IT.  CONQUER IT.  It’s so easy to let ourselves worry and overthink things.  I can’t help but recall the verses in the Bible that tell us not to worry about what we will eat or drink and not to worry about tomorrow (Matthew 6:25, 34).  It’s definitely easier said than done at times, even for me.  But I know I serve an almighty God who works all things together toward good for those who love Him.

Change also brings it’s best friend along – the unknown.  The unknown will be what you make of it.  There are a lot of unknowns in my life which I so badly wish were “knowns”. However I know, at the proper time, it will come forth.  Our lives are going to keep rolling.  My ultimate prayer for you is that you will find peace.  Find things to get involved in that make you happy in your season of change.

Just begin, friend.  Just begin.  Once you begin, there’s no stopping.  From this point forward, you make the decision on how you view change.  I hope you conquer it.

XO, Claire

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