Making Streams in the Wasteland

See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.

This verse is Isaiah 43:19.

Almost every day I’m reminded of everything I’ve been redeemed from and the route my life could have taken.  Y’all.  I just couldn’t be more thankful to God that he has spared me from what he has… to the point where it moves me to tears and on my knees.

Just being super vulnerable with you all.  I feel like in the last 2 years my life has basically been a wilderness and a wasteland.  Leaning on my own understanding and investing myself where I shouldn’t ended up creating a whole lot of mess.

Isn’t it crazy how while you’re in a situation you can have the ultimate blinders on and not really see it for what it is?  I know every person reading this can relate to that.  For me this happens especially when it comes to relationships.  I always hope I’m seeing the best in people, which more times than not causes me to fall hard, and in turn I end up not giving myself time to see the whole situation for what it is.  By the time I do see it, there’s already so much good I know to write off the not so great things.  Wrong.  Now I’m not saying someone has to be perfect, that’s impossible.  But what I am saying is you can’t settle on fundamental things that should be nonnegotiable.  I am such a hopeless hopeful romantic and that has caused me to put big blinders on for the sake of being “in love”.  I can’t tell y’all enough, if I had allowed myself time and looked at things in a realistic manner without letting my heart lead me, I wouldn’t have ended up in half the mess I did this last year.

I am not regretful.  Why you might ask?  Because had I never made the decisions I did, I would have never learned the lessons I did.  I truly believe everything happens for a reason and each season of our life has a purpose.  Whether we realize it in the moment or after the chaos.

I am thankful.  I see God moving on my behalf.  Since November, I have grown in so many ways and God is teaching me day in and day out.  I have established some wonderful friendships with a group of girls that I truly love.  I am feeling ultimate happiness.  I am content with myself and this phase of life I’m in.  I feel so much clarity.  A way is being made in my wilderness and streams are being placed in my wasteland.  I love this quote I came across that says,

“Those who leave everything in God’s hands will eventually see God’s hands in everything”.

As soon as I begin to trust God’s timing, trust His plan for my life, and invest myself more in His word, I see God in EVERYTHING.  I find answers.  I find peace.  And I find hope.

If there is anything I want you to take away from this post, it’s that if you seek Him you WILL find.  He WILL make a way for YOU.  He WILL make streams in your life and meet you right where you are.  If you let Him, He will be present in every area of your life.  And I can tell you right now, the relationship you have with God is where true happiness comes from.  God’s promises never fail.  He never leaves.  His love is greater than any earthly love we could ever experience.

Love all of you and happy Tuesday.

XO, Claire

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